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February 28, 2006
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Character Biography for Vigil Asclades

Name: Vigil Asclades
Age: Early twenties (twenty-one – twenty-seven at max, but he’s around twenty-two or so in the novels)
Family: Robyn Asclades, sister (Adopted/Unkown); Joseph Asclades, father (Adopted/Deceased); Sophia Aslcades, mother (Adopted/Deceased); biological parents unknown.
Eye color: crimson
Hair color: Black
Race: Human
Weapon of choice: Scythe
Weight: 173 Lbs
Height: 6 foot, 1 inch

Vigil Asclades does not know much of his lineage, save that he was left in the care of Joseph and Sophia Asclades shortly after birth.  Five years later, Robyn Asclades was born into the family.
Shortly after her birth, Vigil met with upon a scarred hermit veiled in a thick cloak; he never learned anything of this man, but this stranger taught him in the art of how to handle a scythe as a weapon of war, and instructed Vigil in the art of summoning Linked items for reasons unknown.
At the age of twelve, Vigil went off into the woods to train with his mentor when he smelt smoke and hurried back.  He arrived on the scene to find the cottage he lived in razed to the ground and his mother and father brutally slain; his sister’s body was no where to be found.
Vigil then wandered for four years struggling to survive, until he enlisted in the Yzarc army at the capital of Melican, and he advanced through the ranks with unnatural speed.
Vigil does not know much of his lineage, but he assumes that his unnatural eye coloration is a trait inherited from his ancestry, as is his unusual resistance to cold.  He is also capable of summoning a fearsome scythe at will, though why and from where it comes from he does not know.
Vigil’s primary fighting style relies on strength and dexterity more than agility and speed, to overwhelm his opponent and take them out before they can retaliate.
Character biography for Vigil Asclades
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Yes, on anatomy, just trust Kaia, since she is the one that does all the spiffy pictures of them :)

I merely conceived Vigil and the world he lives in, kaia's the one who gave birth to he and Maeve.
Yeah, about the statistics--I have little to know idea of anatomy, so I have no idea for height-weight ratios, so you should probably listen to Kaia about his vitals and what not. ^_^;

As for talking, why not! just ask Kaia for my gmail adress, and I've already added you to the list.
Wynterstoops Feb 28, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Damn Kaia for not letting me know that he was adopted!!! She had me believing Robyn was like his twin or something!!!! Grr! And she had me believing he was 6'4"!!! That bitch! Ooohhhh....wait 'till she gets on Msn...I will sooooooo bitch her out. Grr....

Meanwhile, I'm happy that you posted a character profile for him. Now for Maeve....

Oh, and by the by, would you like to talk on Msn sometime? I need your name though. I have no clue what it is. Mine's on my userpage on here.

Don't bitch me out! I didn't know that you wanted to know that! And I already told you that Robyn was dead, and I never said she and Vigil were twins. As for the 6'4" far as I knew, HE WAS!!!!! And even then, with as strong as Vigil is, Danny didn't leave the height proportionate to his weight, so meh...I dunno... *shrugs*
Wynterstoops Feb 28, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

And you're forgiven for not letting me know everything. But because you didn't, James's little brother will now die in your stead. Any last messages for him?
Last messages for Tyler: HAHA!!!! YOU HAFTA DIE!!!!!!! :chainsaw:

As for me, MSN won't sign on!!!!!!! *whines* It's been doing this a lot lately..:(
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